1. Hey guys. So school has taken over my life and I have zero time to post on here lately. i’m sorry about that. :( I hope to do some stuff once winter break starts. However, I finally found a way to incorporate Star Trek into my classes by making it the subject of a survey I have to do for school.

    The survey is about TOS and the Reboot movies.

    If you have a moment, I would really appreciate it if you took and I would love you forever if you shared it with others.


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  4. Gene Roddenberry on Star WarsI like Star Wars. It was young King Arthur growing up, slay-slaying the evil emperor finally. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of entertainment - Everything doesn’t have to create a philosophy for you - for your whole life. You can also have fun” - Gene Roddenberry footage from the documentary Trek Nation.

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    Alright, you asked for it! Don’t mind the horrible quality photos, my camera is currently indisposed and I had to photograph everything with my phone…

    1st PRIZE:


    Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Official Magazine
    • Volume 8: Introducing Dr. Pulaski
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    all legit submissions to justgirlythings that had great resonance with star trek: tos

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  10. Happy Birthday, Gene Roddenberry! You magnificent bastard, you.